players mediator agency for international football players
players mediator agency for international football players

Sports & Career

Strategic advice

What goals are you pursuing in the long term? Where does a player see himself in two, five or ten years?


Global market screening

There are opportunities worldwide for professionals today. You need a management that knows and keeps an eye on the international markets.

contract negotiations


Transfer and contract management

Successful contract negotiations are one of the keys to a strategically and economically successful career. Contracts must reflect exactly what has been negotiated and discussed. No matter where in the world.


media positioning

How present is a player in the media? What message does he have? What does he stand for? If necessary, we take over the entire press and marketing communication, including the expansion of reach and the marketing of social media channels.



Which are the right advertising partners for me? For whom can I advertise at all and where do conflicts lurk? What am I worth in advertising? What makes good advertising different from bad advertising?

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